Registering a Food Business

Before You Register

Before you apply for a Food Act Registration you should:

  1. Contact Business Victoria or get some advice on starting a new business from our Economic Development team.
  2. Obtain a Best Bites Food Guide application kit from us, which has information on setting up a new food premises. These kits are available at our customer service centres.
  3. Check with the Shire's Planning Services and Local Laws teams for any permits or restrictions that may apply to property.
  4. Contact South East Water to discuss sewerage and grease trap requirements. If sewer is not available you should contact an Environmental Health Officer from the Shire to discuss septic tank requirements.
  5. Contact one of our Environmental Health Officers to discuss the proposal. The National Food Safety Standards and other relevant information is available from the Environmental Health team by calling 5950 1050 during operating hours.
  6. Submit scaled plans of the proposed premises and arrange for an assessment by an Environmental Health Officer. It is recommended that you do not begin work on your premises until your plans are approved to prevent costly mistakes.
  7. Determine the classification of your business using the Department of Health Food Business Classification Tool. More information about food business classification and food business requirements can be found on our Food Business Requirements page.
  8. Submit an application for Food Act Registration or Notification Form to the Shire. Information and details on submitting your application can be found on our Register a New Food Business page.

Further information and/or advice can also be obtained by contacting our Environmental Health Team on 5950 1050.

Purchasing an Existing Food Business

Under the Food Act, an inspection of any food premises by Council is required before the registration can be transferred to the new proprietor. It is recommended that you arrange an inspection of the business prior to purchase.

To arrange an inspection of the business by Shire please complete and return the Pre-Purchase Inspection Form to our Environmental Health Team. Make sure that the current proprietor signs this form to release a copy of the inspection report to you.

To apply to transfer the food business registration, please refer to Applying for Registration below.

Applying for Registration

Complete and submit an application for registration to our Environmental Health team along with the appropriate registration fee. A copy of the application form and details on the process for applying for registration can be found on our Register a New Food Business page or on our Transfer or Purchase an Existing Food Business page. The information below is also required with the registration application depending on the class of business. Further information on determining the class of your business can be found on our Food Business Requirements page.

Class 1 Premises must submit:

  1. A copy of their independent food safety program.
  2. Details of the training and qualifications of their Food Safety Supervisor.
  3. A copy of the most recent audit of the premises by a third party Food Safety Auditor. If it is a new premises an audit must be arranged within 60 days of the premises opening.

Class 2 Premises must submit:

  1. Details of their Food Safety Program. This can be one of the following:
    • A template Food Safety Program that is approved by the Department of Health and Human Services. A list of templates is available at the Health Victoria website.
    • An independent Food Safety Program that is developed for the business. A full copy of this program must be submitted for approval.*
    •  An approved Quality Assurance (QA) system that is developed under a declared business QA system.*

    *If an independent or QA Food Safety Program is used an audit of the premises is required by a third party Food Safety Auditor within 60 days of the premises opening. 

  2. Details of the training and qualifications of the Food Safety Supervisor.

All Class 1, 2 and 3 Premises

All Class 1, 2 and 3 Premises must obtain Environmental Health Officer approval to open. This will include an inspection of the premises by an Environmental Health Officer prior to trading. A Food Act Certificate of Registration will then be issued.

Class 4 Premises

Class 4 Premises do not require inspection by an Environmental Health Officer, nor is a fee required. However, you must notify Council if:

  1. The ownership of the business transfers.
  2. The location of the business changes.
  3. The use of the business changes.