Food Industry Advisory Body

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Local Food Strategy

Local food production on the Mornington Peninsula is rich in diversity and quality. The food sector is a significant contributor to the local economy. It is estimated that the value of the industry is in excess of $1.3b per annum in output. This represents approximately 11% of the total shire economy whilst providing 5300 jobs or 12.5% of total employment.

A Local Food Strategy was developed to identify pathways to raise awareness and ensure that food products and services across the Mornington Peninsula are:
Recognised for quality, freshness and accessibility;
Highly valued by locals and visitors for origin and seasonality;
Identified through a ‘trust mark’ that is valued and respected by the industry and consumers to reflect the integrity of locality, product or service.


To enhance the Mornington Peninsula’s identity as a quality, fresh and innovative food region.

Establishment of a Food Industry Advisory Body

A key part of achieving the above objectives was through the establishment of a Food Industry Advisory Body (F.I.A.B). This body was identified, through industry consultation, as an important structure to progress actions identified in the Local Food Strategy.

The Food Industry Advisory Body focuses on three key priority areas:
1. Facilitation of food industry capacity and connectivity activities to ensure local businesses are working together to grow the region’s food economy.
2. Implementation of a Provenance program i.e. Certified Trade Mark (CTM) for businesses to align with and for consumers to identify food of the Mornington Peninsula; and
3. Development of an industry and consumer driven awareness campaign to build the profile of Mornington Peninsula food.

Current Members
Steve Marshall (Chair)       -         Peninsula Avocados
Natasha Shields                -          Peninsula Fresh Organics
Kevin Wyatt                       -          Main Ridge Cattle Co.
Tristan McLean                  -         Elgee Park & Baillieu Vineyard
Jessica Schubert-Hoban   -          Mt Eliza Farmers Market           
David Allen                        -          Flinders Sourdough
Sophie O'Neil                    -          Torello Farm
Joanne Petrillo                  -          Joanne Petrillo Marketing
Matthew Taylor                  -          Heritage Farm 


Role of the Food Industry Advisory Body
FIAB is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Local Food Strategy to ‘Enhance the Mornington Peninsula as a Quality, Fresh and Innovative food region’. It is an advisory body, supported by council’s Economic Development Unit staff and resources to implement agreed actions within the Local Food Strategy

This is an exciting opportunity for individuals or businesses to become actively involved in guiding the implementation of key actions identified to strengthen supply chain cohesion; build business network; and maximise community and visitor involvement in the local food economy.
Download a copy of the Local Food Strategy or contact our Agribusiness and Food Industry Officer for more information on 5950 1450 or via