Manage & Promote Your Business

Manage your business

It’s often challenging to find time to work ON your business, especially when you are working hard IN your business.  When you can, invest time into working out how you can do things better.  Perhaps a more time-efficient roster?  More cost effective suppliers?  What about some local business partnerships that can help you leverage the same consumer base?  The options are limitless, but your time is not.  So think about your priorities and the efforts that would make the biggest impact on your business.

You can often get great tips from the Small Business Victoria website – so it pays to visit it on an ongoing basis. 

Other options that may help you manage your Mornington Peninsula Business include:

  • training workshops 
  • networking events 
  • mentor programs

Visit our MP Business website for more details:

Promote your business

There are often very cost effective ways to promote your business.  Some require time rather than funds.  Find out what is out there and remember to focus on what will make the biggest impact on your business. 

The Small Business Victoria website has some great resources on advertising online which you can access here.

You can also list your businesses on our free business directory at