Keeping your business COVIDSafe

  • Struggling to keep up with changing COVIDSafe business requirements/obligations?
  • Want to quickly access resources and templates for your business, organisation or event?
  • Running a community space or venue and want to ensure it stays COVIDSafe?

The Shire wants to help you meet COVIDSafe requirements and complete your COVIDSafe Plan(PDF, 111KB).(PDF, 111KB)

Make an enquiry or book an appointment with our staff and have your questions answered. 

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You can also call 5950 1000 to speak to someone. 

Our COVIDSafe service includes dedicated staff to help you with your up-to-date COVIDSafe plan to comply with the current Government requirements.


Your Business must have an up to date COVIDSafe Plan

Does your Business have a current COVIDSafe plan?
It is mandatory for every Victorian business with on-site operations to have a COVIDSafe Plan(PDF, 111KB).

Your COVIDSafe Plan must demonstrate:

  • your actions to help prevent the introduction of COVID-19 to your workplace
  • the type of face mask or personal protective equipment (PPE) required for your workforce (if required)
  • how you will prepare for, and respond to, a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 in your workplace
  • how you will meet all the requirements set out by the Victorian Government. Some industries or workplaces are subject to additional industry obligations and have additional requirements of employers and employees.

Businesses must review and update their COVIDSafe Plans regularly, especially when restrictions or public health advice changes. Organisations with multiple worksites must complete a COVIDSafe Plan for each worksite.

Do you know the COVIDSafe settings for your sector?
Each sector guidance page includes advice and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

 What have you done to make your business COVIDSafe?
These actions may include encouraging everyone entering your business premises to use hand sanitiser on entry and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces.

 Who is responsible for updating your COVIDSafe Plan?
Your COVIDSafe Plan should be frequently reviewed and updated to help you comply with any new restrictions and meet requirements for your workers, contractors and customers.

 Do your workers know your COVIDSafe Plan?
It’s important for your workers to know your COVIDSafe Plan and the actions you have taken. It will help them understand the importance to your business of staying safe and the importance of staying home if they are ill.
The COVID-19 symptoms include fever, chills, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, a runny nose or loss of smell.

Please contact the COVID education officers if you require any help.


COVIDSafe principles for business

1. Practise physical distancing
Where possible within the workplace, aim for workers and visitors to maintain physical distancing of 1.5 metres

2. Practise good hygiene
- Make soap and hand sanitiser available for all workers and customers throughout the worksite and encourage regular handwashing.

3. Positive cases must still isolate for seven days from the day they took their test
You may now leave home to drive a household member directly to or from education or work without leaving their vehicle.
You can also leave home to get medical care, a COVID-19 test, or in an emergency, including the risk of harm.

4. Visitor caps are removed
Residents of residential aged care and disability can see any number of people, provided they test negative on a rapid antigen test that day. If a test is unavailable, a person can only be present for limited reasons such as end-of-life visits.
- Centres may introduce their own visitor rules to respond to local risk.
- Employers can consider setting COVID-19 vaccination policies as part of their own workplace conditions.

5. Masks must still be worn
On public transport, taxis, ride shares, and planes, but will no longer be required at airports.
- Masks are also still required in sensitive settings such as hospitals and care facilities.

6. Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces
Move activity outside where practicable, including meetings, tearooms, lunch breaks and serving customers.
Enhance airflow by opening windows and doors.

7. Protect the most vulnerable during winter 
- Three COVID-19 vaccine doses are still required for workers in residential aged care and disability care, healthcare, and custodial and emergency services, including police.

What can the COVID education officers help your business with?

The COVID education officers can provide advice on:

  • COVIDSafe Plans for businesses, events, activities, markets and community groups
  • Restriction requirements within hospitality, community venues and retail settings
  • QR code setup
  • Checking-in, physical distancing, face masks, cleaning and sanitising
  • Advice prior to lodging Council permit applications (for example, event permit applications).

Businesses and community groups can book an appointment to ask questions or discuss any of these topics.

The COVID education officers can provide businesses and community groups with support to meet the current Victorian Government COVIDSafe requirements.

Small Business Digital Adaptation Program

 $1200 rebate to access a range of digital business tools to help modernise business operations.

These could include:
- online menus and ordering systems
- invoicing
stock and business management tools
website and e-commerce platforms.

The third round of the program will offer a further $5 million.

This builds on the success of the first 2 rounds of the program, enabling many businesses to establish an e-commerce presence. This new funding will help an estimated 5,000 businesses to access a range of digital business tools.

Applications are now open until 11:59pm Monday 18 July 2022 or when funds are fully allocated, whichever comes first.

Find out more: Small Business Digital Adaptation Program | Business Victoria


Business Stimulus Package

Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program 

The Victorian Government has announced a $200 million stimulus package to support businesses and entice Victorians back to enjoy their favourite food and hospitality experiences across Victoria.

The Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program offers rebates on dining and entertainment experiences across the state

  • Customers can claim 25 per cent back on eligible expenses
  • Claims for Dining Program
  • Claims for Entertainment Program

View more detailed program information and resources for business operators: Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program | Victorian Government

Please check this page for more details: Business Stimulus Package | Victorian Government (



Getting ready for your appointment

When booking your appointment, please fill in as much detail as possible. This includes providing any COVIDSafe plans or relevant documentation you already have. You can also do this by hitting ‘reply’ on the confirmation email you receive.

This will help us do research on your behalf, before we meet so that you get the most value from our time together.

Need to cancel or reschedule your meeting?  This can also be done via the link in your confirmation email.

Contactless thermometers for Businesses

To support local businesses with their COVIDSafe plans, the Shire has contactless thermometers we can provide free of charge to local eligible businesses.

The thermometers are thanks to the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) on behalf of the Victorian Government.

Who is eligible to receive a contactless thermometer?

All businesses are eligible to receive a contactless thermometer if they meet all of the following three conditions:

  • Business has a registered Australian Business Number (ABN), and
  • Business currently operates within Mornington Peninsula Shire boundaries, and
  • Business is operating with staff physically onsite or a business is operating within an enclosed environment

Which businesses may benefit from this program?

Small businesses that may benefit from receiving a thermometer to support their COVIDSafe Plan.

Examples of business that may benefit from this initiative include (but are not limited to):

  • Tourism and Accommodation Services
  • Sole Traders –with extended face-to-face contact within an enclosed environment (for example, hair and beauty)
  • Hospitality
  • Small Retail
  • Non-for-Profit (with an ABN, who will benefit from a thermometer for their COVIDSafePlan)

How many contactless thermometers per business?

There is a strict limitation of 1 contactless thermometer per business site per 20 employees.  Thermometers will be allocated to eligible businesses on a first come, first served basis and will be subject to availability. Thermometers will need to be collected by the business from Dromana.

Are contactless thermometers mandatory for all businesses?

No, DJPR is providing contactless thermometers as an additional measure to prevent transmission in the workplace which can be used to screen staff and customers who are unwell.
The use of a contactless thermometer may assist businesses with their COVIDSafe Plans.

If your business requires a thermometer, please click here to register your interest.

Vaccinate to reactivate local business

Mornington Peninsula Shire fully supports getting vaccinated to protect individuals and the community.

We strongly encourage business owners and their staff to get vaccinated – to protect health, jobs and business.

Encouraging community vaccination is an integral part of Council’s COVID-19 economic recovery plan.

Our economic recovery and high vaccination levels go hand in hand. When more people are vaccinated, there will be fewer outbreaks and less need for restrictions. Which means businesses will be able to stay open.

Mornington Peninsula Shire has approved a $10 million COVID-19 recovery plan for our economy and we strongly encourage our community to get vaccinated to support our local businesses in re-opening as quickly as possible.

Why get vaccinated?

  • It significantly reduces your risk of getting COVID-19
  • It protects you against becoming very sick if you do get COVID-19
  • It helps protect your family, friends and community
  • It gets us back to business!

How to get vaccinated

Where can I get vaccinated locally?

  • At your GP or some local pharmacies
  • Frankston Community Vaccination Hub at Bayside Shopping Centre
  • Peninsula Health Vaccination Clinic at Suite 5, 1533 Point Nepean Road, Capel Sound
  • Peninsula Vaccination Centre at 1391 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud

Frequently asked questions for businesses

Click here to view the Victorian State Governments vaccine FAQs for businesses.(PDF, 57KB)

Further resources

The Mornington Peninsula Shire has complied further support and information for businesses during COVID-19, such as:

  • Business support
  • COVID business grants and funding
  • Training and advice for your business
  • Free marketing for your business
  • Important points for food businesses
  • Accessing mental health support
  • Meeting occupational health and safety obligations
  • Tenants and Landlords Relief Assistance

You can visit the Coronavirus website for more information