Outdoor Dining Permits and Outdoor Retail

Outdoor dining permits

Applications for temporary extended outdoor dining permits now closed.

  • Businesses can apply to use (one of, or a combination of) extra footpath, parking or street space for outdoor dining, takeaway and retail.
  • The Outdoor Dining permit helps create extra space to allow social distancing.

Permit categories:

  • Extended footpath trading - You can apply to extend footpath trading in front of your neighbour’s shop with their written consent (this must be provided with your application). A clear travel path at least 1.8m wide for pedestrians plus 0.7m wide along the kerb for car doors must be maintained.
  • Parklets and temporary street closures - If you don’t have enough space on the footpath, you can apply to use a parking space in front of your business (a ‘parklet’) or join with other businesses to apply to request a temporarily closed lane or street. Parklets repurpose parking spaces outside shopfronts into additional outdoor dining space. They use seating and planting to create an inviting social space to sit and dine, while allowing for increased social distancing.
  • Other public space - If your street is not appropriate for a parklet, or there is a useful piece of Shire land nearby, we will consider permits on a case by case basis.

Updated guidelines for 2021-2022

Please download and read the Outdoor Dining Guidelines 2021-2022(PDF, 1MB) to assist with your application.


Online application

Step 1.Check eligibility, guidelines and conditions

You are eligible for an Outdoor Dining Permit if your business: 

  • is a registered food business with a compliant working kitchen or food preparation area under with the Food Act 1984, and 
  • either provides table service or cleaning for take away and waiting areas.  

Businesses must meet certain practical and safety requirements. Make sure that you read,  understand and comply with: 

Step 2.Decide how to use your space and create a site plan

You can use the footpath or parking bays for:

  • seated table service
  • seating for takeaway or waiting
  • physical distancing space for your customers to stand in line while allowing pedestrian clearance.

If you want to use parking bays, measure how many metres along the curb you want to use.

Editable example site plans to help:

Step 3.Talk to your neighbours to use their space 

If you want to use space in front of a neighbouring property, you will need permission from the current occupier. If they agree, you will need to include their permission in your application form. If the tenant or use changes, you will need to seek permission from the new occupant, or your permit may be revoked. 

Step 4.Check your insurance coverage

You must have at least $20,000,000 public liability insurance in respect of the outdoor dining activities in the outdoor dining area and naming Mornington Peninsula Shire as an interested party. 

Step 5.Lodge your application

  • Make sure you've got your site plan and supporting documents ready to include with your application. 
  • You can save and continue your application at anytime.

Applications closed 1 Oct 2021.


What happens next? 

We will contact you if we need further information for your permit application or to discuss the site, layout, or design of your footpath or parklet and any requirements around installation of a structure. 

You must not use a parklet until your permit is approved and traffic bollards or barriers and screens are in place. Council contractors will install the necessary barriers depending on your site. 

We may ask you to take a picture of your space and email it to us.