Documents for Inspection

Summary of Personal Interests

Section 135 of the Local Government Act 2020 requires the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to prepare a summary of the personal interests information disclosed in the last personal interests return lodged with the CEO.

The CEO is required to publish the summary of personal interests on the Council's Internet site and ensure that the summary of personal interests is available for inspection at the Council office.

Personal Interest Returns are required of Councillors, Delegated Committee Members, the CEO and Nominated Officers of Council.

The Initial Summary of Personal Interests - Councillors (PDF, 111KB)

The Initial Summary of Interests - CEO and Nominated Officers(PDF, 158KB)

The The Local Government Act 1989 (“the Act”) and the Local Government (General) Regulations 2015 require Mornington Peninsula Shire to make a range of documents available for public inspection. In accordance with Regulation 12, members of the public may inspect:

(a) Details of overseas or interstate travel (other than interstate travel by land for less than 3 days) undertaken in an official capacity by any Councillor or Shire staff in the previous 12 months (view register(PDF, 81KB) );

(b) The agendas for, and minutes of, ordinary and special meetings held in the previous 12 months (refer Agendas web page);

(c) The minutes of meetings of special committees held in the previous 12 months (refer Minutes web page);

(d) A register of delegations kept under sections 87(1) and 98(4) of the Act, including the date on which the last review took place under sections 86(6) and 98(6), respectively, of the Act (view register(PDF, 309KB) );

(e) A document containing details of all leases involving land which were entered into by the Shire as lessor, including the lessee and the terms and the value of the lease (view register(PDF, 586KB));

(f) A register of authorised officers appointed under section 224(1A) of the Act (view register(PDF, 162KB)); and

(g) A list of donations and grants made by the Shire in the previous 12 months, including the names of persons who, or bodies which, have received a donation or grant and the amount of each donation or grant (view register(PDF, 114KB)).

In addition, the Councillor and Shire Officer Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality registers are available for inspection by members of the public, Councillors and Shire officers upon written application to the Governance unit and in accordance with the following:

  1.  Applicants must complete the ‘Application to Inspect(PDF, 29KB) ’ form, to be submitted to
  2.  Registers may be inspected in hard copy format only, at the Rosebud Municipal office of the Council during normal office hours, by appointment only.  Governance will confirm time and date.

  3.  Appointments are limited to a maximum of 15 minutes.

  4.  Inspection must be in the presence of a Governance officer.

  5. No person other than a person who has made application has access to or is permitted to inspect the register.

  6.  Photocopying and photography of registers is prohibited (notes may be taken).

  7.  Registers are not to be distributed electronically.

  8.  A person must not publish any information derived from a register unless that information is a fair and accurate summary or copy of the information derived from the register.

  9.  Governance must maintain a record of the names of persons who have inspected a register.

  10.  The Victorian Auditor General’s Office (VAGO) and Shire internal auditors are exempt from applying to inspect registers.

  11.  A Councillor or Shire officer, who has a declaration recorded in a register, will be advised the register has been inspected and may inspect the recorded names of people kept under subsection (9) by contacting Governance.

For more information:

Governance Unit
Phone: 5950 1857