Live Stream of Council Meetings

The live stream will give the community real time access to the meeting and there will be a recording of the proceedings published online once the minutes have been completed. 

This prudent approach to Council meetings will remain in place until further notice and we will update our community as things unfold. 

The link to the recording of the meeting will remain on this page until the minutes have been published. It will then be found under the particular date of the meeting on the Council/Committee Agendas and Minutes page.

Council meeting dates and times can be found here.

Note: Only Council and Planning Services Committee meetings will be live streamed.

Upcoming Meetings 

Planning Services Committee Meeting - 14 December 2020  View Live Stream of Planning Services Committee Meeting here


Previous Meetings

Council Meeting 8 December 2020 - View live stream of Council Meeting here

 Council Meeting - 23 November 2020 - View the recording of the Council Meeting here

Annual Council Meeting - 16 November 2020 - View the recording of the Annual Council Meeting here