Weeds guide

Vegetation RemovalWeeds are a major threat to remnant vegetation and the fauna that rely on locally native plants for survival. Weed invasion is responsible for the loss of many species of plants and animals from areas across Australia, including the Mornington Peninsula. Weeds also impact on waterways, stock, pets, crops, tourism, health (eg allergies) and safety (eg road visibility), gardens and the landscape of an area. 

Mornington Peninsula Weeds Guide

MornPen_Weed_Brochure_20121.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

Here are some weed control techniques that may assist you in removing unwanted weeds from your property.

Cut and Paint
Most woody weeks can be controlled by cutting the stems/trunk at ground level and dabbing or painting the cut stump with neat glyphosate immediately.

For blackberry, cut the crown just under the soil surface where all of the canes extend from and paint the open cut immediately.

For larger woody weeds, use an axe to make numerous cuts on approximately a 45 degree angle penetrating through the cambium layer as close to the trunk as possible. Make sure the cuts overlap each other around the entire diametre of the trunk. Dab or spray neat glyphosate into the open cuts immediately.

Dieback using this method may take months. If some branches do not dieback repeat the process around the side of the trunk from where the live branches extend.

De-heading Flowers
Weed flower heads can be cut off, sealed in a strong garbage bag and placed in normal waste bins. Larger quantities should be taken to your local waste disposal centre.

Weed Management Tool Kit
Managing weeds can be tricky and you need to be armed with the right equipment. Here is a list of equipment you may find useful:

Hand Saw: for cut and paint
Hand Axe: for frilling
Secateurs: for cut and pain and de-heading flowering weeds
Protective gloves
Putty knife: for digging out grassy weeds
Safety glasses
Chemical gloves: for protection against herbicides
Dabber bottles (shoe polish type bottles filled with herbicide): HERBICIDE CONTAINERS MUST BE MARKED WITH POISON AND HERBICIDE-TYPE
Please Note: Removal of weeds that are 'trees' or 'shrubs', within the Shire, may require a Planning Permit. If you intend to remove weedy trees or shrubs, ensure that you discuss it with the Shire before removal by calling 1300 850 600. A permit is not required to remove 'noxious' weeds. For more information please visit our section on Vegetation Removal

Want more information?

Agriculture Victoria - phone: 136 186

Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) - phone: 136 186