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PenBus – which connects peninsula students and job seekers to tertiary education, training and employment opportunities – will continue for the rest of the 2015 academic year after Council approved funding in its 2015-16 Budget.

Council recognised that uncertainty surrounding the future of PenBus beyond June 30 was distressing for students and their families, and has agreed to support the service until the academic year ends on Friday 20th November, 2015.

To assist Council in providing for the financial cost of operating the PenBus, a $3.00 per trip fee will be introduced from July 20.

Council advocated to the federal government for funding to undertake a three-year trial of the PenBus service, and financial support for the trial is due to cease on June 30 this year.

Council will continue to work with the state government and Monash University to seek a contribution to funding the continuation of the service for the remainder of the 2015 academic year.

The PenBus service makes travelling to access tertiary education, training and employment opportunities easy, with PenBus services scheduled to ensure morning passengers arrive at their destination in time for standard business and campus opening hours.

PenBus also gives passengers working or studying outside of the region a convenient connection to Chisholm Institute TAFE Frankston Campus, Frankston railway station and Monash University Peninsula Campus and Monash University Clayton Campus.  Passengers can board and disembark at any PenBus bus stop along the journey.

The Shire will keep users informed of its continued negotiations and will notify users immediately when and if a sustainable solution is found.


Updates about the PenBus service are posted on Facebook -

PenBus Timetable

Download PenBus Timetable – Rosebud to Monash University (Clayton) via Chisholm TAFE Frankston Campus and Monash University Peninsula Campus.

Applications to travel on Penbus

Applications for travel on PenBus are again OPEN.

Please note: To assist Council in providing for the financial cost of operating the PenBus, a $3.00 per trip fee will be introduced from July 20.

Download the 2015 PenBus Application Form.pdf

Online ApplicaTION FORM

Please complete all details in full

Open the calendar popup.
I am currently a

Please provide details of your place of study, workplace (if an apprentice or trainee) or registered jobseeker location, or jobseeker appointment address.
Access requirements
Will you require wheelchair space?

Selecting your journey (Please refer to timetable)
Rosebud to Monash University Clayton via Frankston
Select Weekday

Monash University Clayton to Rosebud via Frankston

Privacy Statement. The Shire is committed to protecting your privacy. Any personal information you share will only be used to process your request. We will not give this information to any other individual or organisation unless required to by law. You may access this information by contacting us on (03) 5950 1000.

Download PenBus 2015 Operational Calendar.pdf

Page Last Updated: 6 July 2015