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Rosebud Camping

The largest of our three camping reserves, Rosebud’s camping sites stretch 10km along the sparkling water to the seaside village of McCrae. Facilities include shower and toilet blocks, grassy areas shaded by large trees, kids’ play areas, barbecues, boat launching ramps close by and the extensive shopping of Rosebud just over the road.

The Shire manages the Rosebud Foreshore Reserve. The reserve stretches approximately 7km from Anthony’s nose in McCrae down to Chinaman’s Creek in Rosebud West. Camping sites are available from last weekend of October just in time for the Melbourne Cup weekend to April. There are 812 sites available, both powered and non-powered, all with great access to the beach, amenities and various shops. View maps below.


Apply Online Application to Camp

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Download the Camping_Application_Form (Word)_2014-15.doc 

Download PDF Camping_Application Form (PDF)_2014-15.pdf

camping fees

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contact us

For booking payment and conditions please contact our Foreshore Camping Team on 5950 1011 or email

Office is open:  Sun – Thurs 9 am to 4:40pm  |  Fri & Sat 9am to 7pm.

rosebud campsite gallery

View our Rosebud Campsite Gallery

Rosebud Camping Section maps

Section 4 - 76 sites, all non-powered McCrae, Melways Ref 158 J10  
Download map Rosebud_Section_4.pdf (970KB)
Section 5 - 85 sites, 84 powered, 1 non-powered McCrae, Melways Ref 158H 10/11  
Download map Rosebud_Section_5.pdf (1MB)

Section 6 - 58 sites, 55 powered, 3 sites non-powered Rosebud, Melways Ref 158 H11   
Download map Rosebud_Section_6.pdf (972KB)

Section 7 - 50 sites all powered Rosebud, Melway Ref 158 G11    
Download map Rosebud_Section_7.pdf (885KB)

Section 9 - 63 sites, 58 powered, 5 non-powered Rosebud, Melway Ref 158 C12    
Download map Rosebud_Section_9.pdf (1MB)

Section 10 - 45 sites, all powered Rosebud, Melway Ref 158 B12    
Download map Rosebud_Section_10A.pdf (2MB)
Download map Rosebud_Section_10B.pdf (1MB)

Section 11 - 84 sites, 71 powered, 13 non-powered Rosebud, Melway Ref 170 A1    
Download map Rosebud_Section_11.pdf (1005KB)

Section 12 - 86 sites, all powered Rosebud, Melway Ref 169 K1    
Download map Rosebud_Section_12.pdf (1MB)

Section 13 - 51 sites, 41 powered, 10 non-powered Rosebud, Melway Ref 169 K1&2    
Download map Rosebud_Section_13.pdf (2MB)

Section 14 - 67 sites, 59 powered, 8 non-powered Rosebud, Melway Ref 169 J1&2    
Download map Rosebud_Section_14.pdf (1MB)

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