Port of Hastings

1.Port of Hastings development authority  

The Port of Hastings Development Authority (PoHDA) was established in January 2012 to manage the development of Hastings as a future container port.  It assumes the responsibilities previously assigned to the Port of Melbourne Corporation (August 2010 to December 2011) and Port of Hastings Corporation (before August 2010). 


The Port of Hastings Development Authority has published development updates about the port expansion which you can access on its website www.portofhastings.com

For questions about this please contact the Port of Hastings Development Authority on 1300 149 478

3.Council's Role and Advocacy 

Council’s roles and functions with regard to the Port of Hastings include:

  • As a Local Government body, advocating for the interests of the municipality and responding to proposals put forward by the State Government or the Port of Hastings Development Authority.
  • As a Planning Authority reviewing the planning scheme.
  • As a Responsible Authority assessing planning permit applications and ensuring compliance with the Planning Scheme, in particular the Special Use Zone Schedule 1 Port-related land.
  • As a provider of local infrastructure, protecting and planning for local drainage, roads and footpaths (major transport planning of roads and rail is the responsibility of other agencies).

The following links show Council’s past advocacy with regard to the Port of Hastings.  If you have any questions about these matters please contact the Shire’s Strategic Planning Unit on 5950 1928.

4.Ports and Environs Advisory Committee

On 17th May 2010 Council resolved to provide the following submission to the Ports and Environs Advisory Committee Discussion Paper – March 2010. The Advisory Committee submitted its report to the Minister for Planning on 1 November 2010. The Minister for Planning issued a response to the Advisory Committee's recommendations which can be viewed on the State Government website: Ports and Environs Advisory Committee or downloaded below.  

Download: Minister for Planning's Response to the Advisory Committee Report(PDF, 197KB)
Download: Ports and Environs Advisory Committee Report(PDF, 5MB)
Download: Shire Submission to Ports and Environs Advisory Committee(PDF, 284KB)
Download: Development Assessments Meeting Minutes 17 May 2010(PDF, 1MB)
Download: Ports and Environs AC Discussion Paper(PDF, 2MB)

5.Essential Services Commission 

On 30th August 2007 Council provided the following submission to the Essential Services Commission (ESC) and its Review of Port Planning: Issues Paper.

Download: Shire Submission to ESC Review(PDF, 205KB)
Download: Review of Port Planning: Final Report - December 2007(PDF, 2MB)

6.Port of Hastings Land Use and Transport Strategy – August 2009

The Port of Hastings Corporation and the former Department of Infrastructure funded the preparation of the above study by a consultant team led by Maunsell Australia Pty Ltd. A key driver of the study was the Victorian Ports Strategic Framework (2004) which highlighted the need for supplementary container port facilities once capacity at the Port of Melbourne has been reached.  On 20th November 2006 Council resolved to provide the following submission to the Port of Hastings Corporation in relation to the Draft Port of Hastings Land Use and Transport Strategy – September 2006.  The final strategy was published August 2009 and can be accessed below.

Download: Shire Submission to Port of Hastings Strategy(PDF, 284KB)
Download: Forward Planning Minutes 20 November 2006(PDF, 81KB)
Download: Port of Hastings Land Use Transport Strategy(PDF, 13MB)