Planning Scheme Amendments

Planning schemes set out policies and provisions for use, development and protection of land. Each local government area in Victoria is covered by a planning scheme.

Hard copies are available to view during the exhibition period at the Shire Offices.

All planning scheme amendments for the Mornington Peninsula, past and present, can be viewed by using Planning Schemes Online.

Making a Submission

You can make a submission to a Planning Scheme Amendment through any of the following methods and return it to the Shire within the exhibition period by email or post:

  • Write your own submission – electronic or hand written submissions are accepted. 
  • Download and complete the submission form available on the relevant Planning Scheme Amendment webpage in Amendments in Progress.
  • Email your submission to or post to Mornington Peninsula Shire, Private Bag 1000, Rosebud, Vic. 3939.

To find out the exhibition dates for each amendment refer to the Planning Scheme Amendments Online or contact Planning Services on 5950 1928.

Amendments in progress

View Planning Scheme Amendments in progress

Amendments recently approved

View Planning Scheme Amendments recently approved by the Minister for Planning.