Mornington Peninsula Biodiversity

The Biodiversity Highlights publication summarises a number of detailed technical reports prepared for Council over many years by ecological and scientific consultants.

This project has arisen in part by increasing community interest and concern about biodiversity and threats to its survival, both locally and globally at a time of rapid change. The Shire is committed to making the biodiversity survey and research project knowledge available in an understandable form to the community.

The Shire continues to engage consultants to update and enhance existing knowledge including where methodologies and technologies evolve such as with the classification of native vegetation and in order to help inform day to day decision making in areas such as built and natural asset management and town planning.

Earlier reports summarised in the publication sometimes make use of methodologies, terminologies and technologies which may have evolved or even have been superseded. Competing demands for resources available to Council do not always enable revision of research reports to reflect new methodologies and technologies or development in the scientific understandings in various scientific fields.

The Mornington Peninsula Biodiversity: Survey and Research Highlights(PDF, 5MB) brochure was adopted by Council on 10 August 2015.