Amendments in progress


The details of all planning scheme amendments that are in progress may be viewed on the DELWP website. or more detailed information about the current state of processing, please refer to the relevant amendment above.

Planning Scheme Amendment C184 Part 2B - South East Water reservoir at Mount Eliza

This amendment relates to the South East Water reservoir at Mount Eliza.

Planning Scheme Amendment C197 & Planning Permit Application CP14/002 - former Carrington Park

This combined planning scheme amendment and planning permit application applies to land located at 40-52 Elizabeth Drive, Rosebud (Carrington Park). The amendment and combined permit application has been submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval.

Planning Scheme Amendment C202 - Mornington east area

Authorisation for Council to prepare this amendment to better protect neighbourhood character has been sought from the Minister for Planning. More details may be viewed in the Council minutes. If the Minister grants authorisation, the amendment will be placed on public exhibition. Notice of any exhibition will be published in the local newspaper and sent to relevant people so that anyone affected may make a written submission during the formal exhibition period.

Planning Scheme Amendment C204 - Sorrento Ocean Beach Road Precinct

The Amendment introduces permanent design and development provisions over the Ocean Beach Road precinct in Sorrento.