Planning Forms, Fees & Checklist

Planning Forms 

Application for a Planning Permit form(PDF, 172KB)

Application for a VicSmart Planning Permit form(PDF, 256KB)

Application to Amend a Planning Permit Under Secondary Consent(PDF, 166KB)

Application to Amend a Planning Permit under Section 72 form(PDF, 177KB)

Application to Amend a Planning Application form(PDF, 193KB)

Application for an Extension of Time to a Planning Permit(PDF, 173KB)

Objection to Grant a Planning Permit form(PDF, 174KB)

Lodgement of plans to comply with planning permit conditions form(PDF, 170KB)

Application for copies of planning permits & endorsed plans form(PDF, 164KB)

Application for a Certificate of Compliance form(PDF, 347KB)    

Credit Card Payment Form(PDF, 122KB)

Planning Certificate

The Minister for Planning is the responsible authority for delivering Mornington Peninsula Shire planning certificates. All applications for planning certificates must be lodged with LANDATA. Planning certificates do not show the locations of zone boundaries or additional site specific controls that may apply to some development requirements. It is therefore important to check the Planning Scheme or contact the Planning Services Unit on 5950 1010.

Planning Fees

Planning Application Fees vary depending on the type and cost of the proposed development and are specified in the Planning & Environment (Fees) Regulations 2016 which came into effect on 13 October 2016.

Planning Services - Fee Schedule(PDF, 273KB)

Planning Checklists 

Use the checklists to assist with the preparation and submission of planning applications. 

Checklist for Advertising Signage(PDF, 220KB)

Checklist to Construct a Dwelling or Dwelling Additions within a GWZ(DOC, 92KB)

Checklist to Construct or Alter a Single Dwelling(DOC, 88KB)

Checklist to Construct Two or More Dwellings on a Lot(DOC, 88KB)

Checklist for Commercial Development Works or Change of Use(DOC, 86KB)

Checklist for a Liquor Licence(PDF, 226KB)

Checklist for Subdivision(PDF, 229KB)

Checklist for Certification(PDF, 202KB)

Checklist for a Certificate of Compliance(PDF, 185KB)

Please Note: Checklists for a VicSmart planning permit application can be found on our VicSmart page