Planning Fact Files

Bed and Breakfast Residential and Rural Fact File(PDF, 123KB)

Building Colours Fact File(PDF, 105KB)

Building Height Fact File(PDF, 126KB)

Dams Waterway Pumping and Diversion and Bores(PDF, 119KB)

Dependant Persons Unit Fact File(PDF, 152KB)

Dwelling Green Wedge Zone Fact File(PDF, 234KB)

Erosion Management Overlays - EMO3 Ballar Creek Fact File(PDF, 49KB)

Erosion Management Overlays - EMO4 and EMO5 Fact File(PDF, 44KB)

Flood Protection Overlays FO and LSIO Fact File(PDF, 59KB)

Home Occupation Fact File(PDF, 79KB)

Housing Growth Sustainability Fact File(PDF, 60KB)

How To Obtain a Property Title Fact File(PDF, 94KB)

Land Management Controls Tanti Creek Fact File(PDF, 59KB)

Liquor Licence Applications Fact File(PDF, 139KB)

Medical Centre and other Health Facilities(PDF, 106KB)

Neighbourhood Character Fact File(PDF, 101KB)   

Planning Amendments and Extension of Time Fact File(PDF, 190KB)   

Planning Application Conference Fact File(PDF, 96KB)

Planning Objections(PDF, 101KB)   

Planning Permit Application Information Pack(PDF, 561KB)

Planning on the Peninsula Fact File(PDF, 59KB) 

Planning Scheme How to Read - User Guide(PDF, 44KB) 

Rainwater Tanks(PDF, 146KB)

Relocated Dwellings(PDF, 142KB) 

Requesting a Planning Scheme Amendment Fact File(PDF, 58KB)

Restrictive Covenants(PDF, 107KB)

Section 173 Agreements Fact File(PDF, 162KB)

Signage Fact File(PDF, 97KB) 

Subdivision Fact File(PDF, 97KB)

Submitting Electronic Planning Documents Fact File(PDF, 67KB) 

Strategic Planning Objectives Fact File(PDF, 54KB)

Sustainable Development Fact File - 1 - Overview(PDF, 58KB)

(PDF, 58KB)Sustainable Development Fact File - Available Toolkits(PDF, 58KB)

(PDF, 58KB)Sustainable Development Fact File - Building Materials(PDF, 58KB)

Sustainable Development Fact File - Energy Efficiency(PDF, 58KB)

Sustainable Development Fact File - Siting and Solar Access(PDF, 58KB)

Sustainable Development Fact File - Sustainability Checklist(PDF, 63KB)   

Sustainable Development Fact File - Water Efficiency and Stormwater(PDF, 57KB)

Vegetation Removal Planning Permit Application Pack(PDF, 62KB)

Veterinary Services Planning Fact File(PDF, 72KB)

VicSmart: A Simpler Planning Permit Process Fact File(PDF, 99KB)