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Do I need a planning permit? 

If you wish to make changes or additions to buildings or dwellings on your property it is likely that you will need a planning permit.

Find out if you need a planning permit.

Applying for a Planning Permit

Once it has been determined that a planning permit is required for your proposal, a planning application must be made. A planning permit is a legal document which gives permission for a specific use or development.

A completed Application for Planning Permit form, along with the fee prescribed under the Planning and Environment Fees Regulations 2000, three (3) sets of plans (site, floor and elevation plans) and a copy of title produced within the last three (3) months is required when submitting an application for development. The application requirements may differ depending on the type of application and the fee is determined based on the cost of the development. Checklists are available to assist with lodging varying types of use and/or development applications. Visit our section Planning Forms, Fees & Checklists

About VCAT

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) is an independent tribunal, which hears and decides on applications by permit applicants, objectors and others in an informal and expeditious manner upon their merits. It permits a broad range of people whose interests are affected by a decision to participate in a hearing.

The Planning and Environment List hears and determines:

  • Applications to review decisions made by Municipal Councils and other authorities under a number of Acts of Parliament 
  • Applications for enforcement orders, applications to cancel or amend permits and applications for declarations relating to the use and/or development of land under the Planning and Environment Act 1987. 

Once Council makes a decision on an application, a review by VCAT can be applied for by the permit applicant against conditions of a permit or a refusal to grant a permit, or by an objector against a Notice of Decision to grant a permit.

Please refer to the VCAT website guide Taking it to VCAT - A guide to Planning and Environment disputes at VCAT or for further information see the contact details for VCAT at the bottom of this page.

Contact VCAT: the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Office Hours: 9.00am to 4.30pm
Phone: (03) 9628 9777
Fax: (03) 9628 9789
Web: www.vcat.vic.gov.au 
Address: 55 King Street, Melbourne Vic 3000
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