Indigenous Plants

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Top ten indigenous plants of mornington peninsula

Leucophyta brownii – Cushion BushCompact, low shrub with striking silver foliage. Suitable for sunny, well drained positions.

Ficinia nodosa – Knobby Club Rush
Extremely hardy tufting plant to suit all soils and light conditions. Attractive brown seed heads persist throughout the year.

Goodenia ovata – Hop Goodenia
Small to medium shrub with yellow flowers throughout the year. Great as a quick growing, informal hedge. Tolerates sun or shade and a wide variety of soil types.

Brachyscome multifida – Cut Leaf Daisy
Colourful low shrub or groundcover. Many purple flowers throughout the year. Excellent for containers, rockeries and small garden beds.

Dianella brevicaulis – Native Flax Lily
A tough and versatile tufting species. Can grow in deep shade to full sun. Attractive blue flowers in spring, followed by interesting blue berries in summer.

Disphyma crassifolium – Noon Flower
A drought tolerant groundcover with brightly coloured pink/purple flowers. Great for steep, sunny banks and coastal areas.

Banksia integrifolia – Coast Banksia
A bird attracting tree with large yellow flowers and interesting grey bark.

Melaleuca lanceolata – Moonah
Iconic coastal tree species of the Mornington Peninsula. A very long lived species that provides interesting sculptural shapes with its twisting branches. Can also be pruned when young to form a dense hedge.

Eucalyptus pauciflora – White Sallee
Medium sized gum with long grey-green leaves and red stems. Beautiful pale trunks provide a great feature for the garden.

Myoporum insulare – Boobialla
A large shrub with dark green foliage and many white flowers. Excellent screening plant. Drought tolerant with some fire resistant properties.

Page Last Updated: 7 March 2013