Council Plan

The Council Plan has been developed through ongoing community consultation and engagement. The Plan expresses the elected Council’s vision, goals and priorities for the Mornington Peninsula Shire over the next four years (2013-2017), and includes strategic goals, outcomes and strategies that the Shire will implement to reach this vision.

Download Council Plan 2013-2017(PDF, 2MB)

The Shire’s eight strategic goals

1. Liveable peninsula

To be ‘near to, but not part of Melbourne’ and its accelerating growth. To preserve the highly valued amenity of our natural and built environment.

2. Enhancing public places and spaces

To enhance the look, feel and function of our townships, open spaces and assets.

3. Improving shared community facilities

To ensure community facilities reflect the needs and expectations of our communities.

4. Leading change on climate change

To mitigate climate change risks, to reduce our carbon footprint, water usage and waste across Council operations to build more resilient and prepared communities.

5. Enhancing the coastal experience

To protect and enhance opportunities to enjoy the coastal experience.

6. Healthy, safe and connected communities

To promote a culture of community harmony, wellbeing and a sense of safety and belonging.

7. Supporting our economy

To foster an innovative business community and promote the peninsula’s agricultural and rural sector.

8. Innovative, responsive, value for money service delivery

To optimise value for ratepayers through efficient, effective and innovative service delivery.

It is the Shire's Council Plan that guides development of the Annual Report and Budget.