Community Report

Reports to the Community summarises information for the community and other interested stakeholders, all of the many activities of the Shire for the preceding period, ranging from policy development and implementation through to service delivery, the provision of infrastructure, and the Shire’s financial position. Given the scope of the Shire’s wide ranging activities, there is a great deal to report. Every effort is made to provide information in a readily understandable, easy-to-read format.

This page contains downloadable documents. In order to view PDF documents you will require Adobe Reader. If you are experiencing difficulties downloading these PDF files please contact us on 1300 850 600 or 5950 1000. A printed copy, including previous years, can be viewed at the Shire Offices or Libraries.

Community Reports 2017

April 2017 

Download: April 2017 Executive Summary and Monthly Finance Report(PDF, 3MB)

March 2017

Download: March 2017 Executive Summary and Monthly Finance Report(PDF, 13MB)
Download: March 2017 Quarterly Report(PDF, 13MB)

February 2017

Download: February 2017 Executive Summary and Monthly Finance Report
(PDF, 3MB)
Download Word Version: February 2017 Executive Summary and Monthly Finance Report(DOCX, 4MB)

January 2017 

Download: January 2017 Executive Summary and Monthly Finance Report(PDF, 4MB)
Download Word Version: January 2017 Executive Summary and Monthly Finance Report(DOCX, 6MB)

Community Reports 2016

December 2016

Download Quarterly Report December 2016(PDF, 13MB)
Download Word Version Quarterly Report December 2016(DOCX, 21MB)

September 2016 

Download Monthly Report September 2016(PDF, 14MB)
Download Word Version Monthly Report September 2016(DOCX, 10MB)

August 2016

Download Monthly Report August 2016(PDF, 15MB)

July 2016

Download Monthly Report July 2016(PDF, 16MB)

June 2016

Download Monthly Report June 2016(PDF, 8MB)

May 2016
Download Monthly Report May 2016

April 2016
Download Monthly Report April 2016(PDF, 7MB)

March 2016
Download Monthly Report March 2016
Download Word Version Monthly Report March 2016(DOCX, 19MB)

 February 2016
Download Monthly Report February 2016(PDF, 8MB)
Download Word Version Monthly Report February 2016(DOCX, 22MB) 

January 2016
Download Monthly Report January 2016(PDF, 4MB)
Download Word Version:  Monthly Report January 2016(DOCX, 5MB)