Pay a fine

Pay the infringement notice (on the spot fine) within 28 days. 

How to pay an infringement

  • Online at
  • By sending either a cheque or money order to the Mornington Peninsula Shire at Private Bag 1000 Rosebud, 3939
  • By cash at one of our Customer Service Offices, Besgrove Street Rosebud, Queen Street Mornington, Marine Parade Hastings or Frankston-Flinders Road Somerville within the Library.

For further payment options you can telephone us on 5950 1050 or view Other Payments

Request an extension of time to pay (Payment Plan)

If you require further time to pay the infringement notice you may telephone the Shire on: 1300 850 600  and request an extension.

Appeal the infringement notice

You may appeal the infringement notice. This must be in writing. An appeal should be lodged in writing  within 28 days of the original infringement notice being issued, if you are concerned your appeal will not be lodged in time, please call us. 

An appeal should include the following information and must be in writing:

  • Your name and address
  • The infringement notice number
  • The reason for the appeal
  • Any supporting evidence

How is an appeal decided?

An appeal is decided on four main grounds:

  • Did the offence occur?
  • Were the circumstances that led to the offence beyond the control of the driver (exceptional circumstances)? 
  • Has the infringement been issued to the correct person? If not then the registered owner must nominate the driver responsible using a Statutory Declaration Form.
  • Is the driver claiming ‘special circumstances’ as defined in the Infringement Act: A person with mental  or intellectual disability, disorder, disease or illness or a serious addiction to drugs or alcohol which results in the person being unable to understand the offending conduct or unable to control the conduct. 

Note: If you claim special circumstances in regard to a parking infringement we may be obliged to advise Vic Roads who may review your drivers licence.

An appeal generally takes two to three weeks to process and you will receive a reply in writing. If you disagree with the Shire’s decision you may elect to have the matter heard at the Magistrates Court.

Further information

Download our Parking Infringement Fact File(DOC, 69KB).