Your Peninsula 2021

We received a great response to the Your Peninsula 2021 consultation with 3,086 participants from a broad cross-section of the community submitting ideas about the future of your peninsula.

You told us that our beaches, coastline, natural parks and rural landscape were the most liked elements of living here, in fact you mentioned this three times more than any other factor.

Protecting the environment against population growth and housing were the most frequently raised concerns. Issues such as traffic management during summer, road safety, and pedestrian accessibility were also raised as major challenges.

We’re glad you ranked Peninsula Wide as one of the best ways to receive information from us, alongside local newspapers, email and our website. It’s great to know you’re reading our new-look magazine.

When asked about what you’d like Council to raise with state and federal government, you listed health services, improved public transport, policing, community safety and educational facilities.

Thank you for all your feedback. 

Your valuable ideas are contributing to the development of Council’s strategic plans, including the Council Plan 2017– 2021 and Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan 2017– 2021, locking in direction and priorities for the next four years.