Register of Public Roads Policy & Associated Background Paper

Council invites your feedback on the draft update of these two existing strategic documents.

The purpose of the Register of Public Roads Policy and associated Background Paper is to assist Council with a decision making framework by which they determine in a fair, equitable and consistent manner which roads or areas of land are ‘reasonably required for general public use’ and are thus included in their Register of Public Roads.

If included in the Register, the Shire has a statutory duty to inspect, repair and maintain these roads in accordance with requirements of the Road Management Act 2004.

You can provide your feedback online (using the form below), by email or by post.

We would welcome your feedback by 25 August 2017.

Hard copies are also available in Shire offices at Rosebud, Mornington, Hastings and Somerville offices.

Download: Draft Register of Public Roads Policy(PDF, 1019KB)

Download: Draft Register of Public Roads Policy Background Paper(PDF, 2MB)

Download: Council Meeting Minutes – 13 June 2017

Proposed changes

The key improvements made in the draft updated documents are:

  • Clarification of road type terminology;
  • Ensuring that road hierarchies in the documentation are aligned with those in the Shire’s Road Management Plan;
  • Removal of references to the takeover of responsibility for road maintenance from local street groups (has already occurred);
  • Review document references for currency;
  • Addition of example diagrams regarding specific circumstances for improved clarity; and
  • Updating the decision making flow chart to provide greater clarity and transparency.

Future steps

Following the public exhibition period, Council will consider all feedback.  Following this, a final updated Policy and Paper will be presented to Council for adoption.

Have your say:

All submissions should be clearly marked ‘Submission on Draft Register of Public Roads Policy’


Post:  Address to: Asset Management Officer – Roads, Mornington Peninsula Shire, Asset Management, Private Bag 1000, Rosebud VIC 3939 

Online: Using the form below. If there is insufficient space provided below, please email using the provided email address.

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