Budget 2018

Community submissions to Mornington Peninsula Shire’s 2017/18 Annual Budget are now closed.

A Forward Planning Meeting to hear 2017/18 pre-budget community submissions will start at 7pm on Tuesday 13th December 2016 at Mornington Peninsula Shire's Rosebud Office.

For more information about the Budget process please contact the Finance Team on: 1300 850 600 or email budget@mornpen.vic.gov.au 

The 2013-2017 Council Plan is available to download, alternatively a hard copy is available from Shire offices. 

The 2017-2021 Council Plan is under development and will be adopted by 30 June 2017.

Download: Mornington Peninsula Shire Annual Report 2015 - 2016

Download: Adopted-budget-2016-17.pdf

Community Budget Submissions

Submission No Group/ Name Submission Detail Budget Requested  View Submission 
 1 Mr and Mrs Hansen Can all gravelled parking lots around the Main st shopping precinct be changed to asphalt. Winter rains cause muddy walkways to your car.
 Additionally Main st. from Nepean Hwy (heading towards beach) to first roundabout needs to be re tarred for a far smoother drive into thevery popular Main st.
No attachment
 2 Judith Cupido    For some time I have been very concerned with the lack of footpath along Bayview Road from Rosebud Village to Lonsdale St. Even more now this is becoming very urgent with the enormous amount of development in Bayview Rd and the vastly increased traffic, it is becoming increasingly dangerous.   No attachment
 3 Tracy McNeair Central Ave, Blairgowrie is a dangerous street that has been near top of the councils unmade Rd strategy since 2004. Our kids use this rd at least twice a day, to and from school. the Rd can be heavily trafficked esp on weekends. It can be difficult to back up to allow cars to pass at blind crest.   No attachment
 4 Tracy McNeair  Build Rosebud aquatic centre. I have raised my kids in the southern peninsula. We have to drive far and wide for sporting events, venues for activities. The council has had millions put aside for the build. Stop the infighting and build the pool. Kids now 15 and 12 ( will they ever see it?)    No attachment
 5 Mornington Botanical Roser Garden  To build a building to store approx. $30.000 of garden equipment currently stored in 3 x dilapidated containers. $56,000 No attachment
 6 Peninsula Chamber Musicians Inc  These dual height risers allow users to elevate a section of the stage or the floor so performers can be seen by the audience and the sound of instruments is not masked behind other players. In the case of our orchestra, the woodwind and brass can be seen behind the string section. $18,000 No attachment
 7 Crib Point Football Netball Club  Rebuilding of and expansion of existing change rooms which have only one functional toilet, showers that don't work, leaking roof and no capital works in possibly 50 years. $250,000 No attachment
 8 Alexandra Park Project Committee The Alexandra Park Project Committee wishes to make application for $180,000 to upgrade the oval lighting (100 lux standard – club competition and training) to enable night football matches, particularly for our womens football teams, and evening junior and senior cricket matches. $180,000 View attachment(PDF, 342KB)
 9 Alexandra Park Project Committee The Alexandra Park Project Committee wishes to make application for $419,700 to upgrade the original outdated pavilion change-rooms and to provide unisex change facilities that cater for the needs of both female and male participants. $419,700  View attachment(PDF, 311KB)
 10 Alexandra Park Project Committee The Alexandra Park Project Committee wishes to make application for $166,050 in the 2018/19 Budget to construct six new cricket training nets with retractable netting. The Committee is willing to make an additional financial contribution of $18,450 towards this project. $166,050  View attachment(PDF, 342KB)
 11 John Dusting The footpath on the east side of Queen St extension, is broken and in poor repair, with multiple patches. A full replacement ( approx. 50m of bitumen) with concrete is required to make it a safe thoroughfare for the aged Queen St residents accessing Main St.    View attachment(PDF, 7MB)
 12 Nepean Historical Society- Sorrento Museum The building of a temperature controlled storage facility of 130 sq metres to safely house Sorrento Museum and community archives and objects. This building will adjoin the current museum. The Shire has already contributed funds for surveys, plans and permits now under discussion. $450,000 No attachment
 13 Shannon Richards Melbourne Rd Bike Path and Blairgowrie beach cleaning, path clearing, fence replacement, Bridgewater Bay steps, playground, beach showers.   No attachment
 14 Association for Building Community in Dromana Carpark for Hillview Community Reserve in Boundary Road Dromana    View attachment(PDF, 117KB)
 15 Peter Brown Differential rate rebate for retirement village residents   View attachment(PDF, 91KB)
 16 Somerville Eagles Soccer Club We would like to explore the possibility of upgrades to the facilities of Barber Reserve to meet the minimum requirement for entry in to the FFV and Bayside league.   No attachment
 17 Mr. Mark Hopper

1.Require a hydrotherapy pool at Pelican park Aquatic and recreation centre Hastings.

2. Seek funding for preliminary assesment for a) hydrotherapy pool at Hastings. b) Changing places toilet facility at Pelican Park.


 No attachment

 18 Mr. Mark Hopper

1. Increase the budget for the implementation of new accessible parking in carparking areas. or the updating to current Australian standards.

2. Up grade foot path in Rye shopping strip,Nepean High way to allow wheelchair access into shops.

   No attachment
 19 Dromana College  Dromana College would like to request an upgrade to the current stadium toilets. Our facilities, including external grounds are currently used by numerous local clubs and associations. A more detailed report is included in our attached submission.   View attachment
(PDF, 544KB)
 20 Susan Bell A library /computer centre at Sorrento. like the one here in Mornington. perhaps an addition to the Community centre.    No attachment
 21 Balnarring Village Common Community Group Balnarring Civic Court Reserve Precinct Master Plan  $104,500 View attachment(PDF, 37KB)
 22 Mornington Croquet Club Improvement of facilities to OH&S requirements and general improvement    View attachment(PDF, 185KB)
 23 Jean Woods  Permanent exercise equipment at Gateway Park Mornington & Pedestrian Crossing Murray St.    No attachment
 24 Ray Greenwood, Member of ABCD Following completion of the MPS Drainage Outlets Survey to identify those drain outlets in most need of improvement, I recommend that high priority be given to those on the Dromana Foreshore. In particular I suggest attention be given to the outfall at Foote St, Dromana which was identified in 2011 as having the highest priority, and those at McCulloch St. and Kangerong St Dromana which also discharge to very popular beaches.  $50,000  View attachment(PDF, 17KB)
 25 Sorrento Bowls Club inc. New Synthetic Green (carpet) for back green. $255,000  View attachment(PDF, 90KB)
 26 Beleura Village Mornington Services Association Inc. Provision for differential rate for retirement villages.    View attachment(PDF, 113KB)
 27 Association for Building Communities in Dromana Inc. Dromana Branding decals, required to follow and boost the initial distribution and web site featuring our adopted Dromana Branding Logo. $5,890  View attachment(PDF, 75KB)
 28 Boneo Tennis Club Boneo Tennis Club is experiencing significant problems with drainage on and around the courts. This issue has been discussed with G. McAliece and J. Styling at MP Shire. An independent audit has been funded by the club & has recommended a list of drainage infrastructure & refurbishments to rectify. $183,589 View attachment(PDF, 2MB)
 29 Peninsula Short Film Fest Peninsula Short Film Fest is a FREE annual short film festival held on the Rosebud Foreshore. The event fosters art and culture, boosts tourism, grows the economy through the creation of a film hub and engages youth. The event attracts thousands of people and is growing year on year. $50,000 View attachment(PDF, 166KB)
 30 Red Hill Community Association Proposal to undertake traffic management study to identify and prioritise investments to improve road infrastructure, parking and traffic management in the Red Hill area - $25-30,000 requested. $30,000 View attachment(PDF, 100KB)  
 31 Red Hill Community Association Proposal to complete implementation of the Red Hill Station Reserve Master Plan - $320,000.  $320,000  View attachment(PDF, 726KB)
 32 Peninsula Mountain park Committee inc The Provision of funding for the establishment of an Adventure playground on the Hillview Community Reserve Dromana. A concept plan has been provided to the MPSC Recreation team. A final plan will be provided if funding is approved. The PMPC and the Rotary Club of Dromana have some funds to assist.  $120,000 No attachment
 33 Mornington Civic Bowls & Social club Inc Request for sealing the gravel car park at the bowls club in Dunns Road.    View attachment(PDF, 207KB)
 34 Alison Doherty A joint project bid involving the townships of Mt Eliza, Sorrento, Mornington, Rosebud and Hastings. The bid is to assist in the installation of Festive Decorations in these townships, in conjunction with the local Chambers of Commerce. The decorations and will be provided by individual Chambers. $55,000  View attachment(PDF, 69KB)
 35 Sorrento Foreshore Advisory Group 15 foreshore project submissions    View attachment(PDF, 25KB)
 36 Colchester Road Pool Water Aerobics Group Request for Council to allocate significant 2017/2018 budget funds to Southern Peninsula Aquatic Centre Development   View attachment(PDF, 25KB)
 37 Westernport Little Athletics Centre Westernport Little Athletics centre recommends that Mornington Peninsula Shire Council replace the gravel long jump runways with synthetic runways at the Westernport Little Athletics Track.  $80,000  View attachment(PDF, 30KB)
 38 Westernport Little Athletics Centre Construct a rabbit proof fence and repair the 100m grass track at the Westernport Little Athletics Track. $80,000 View attachment(PDF, 29KB)
 39 West Rosebud Bowling and Croquet Club Clubhouse Airconditioning $17012 Solar Panel 10.4KW system $10900 Attached letter details need for above. Quotes forwarded previously. Club willing to make financial contribution ($ to be determined)  $28,000  No attachment
 40 Western Port Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Western Port Tourism Association Tourism operators and businesses in the Western Port area request that the Shire brings forward two Capital Works projects in order to 'fast-track' the community's desire to have Hastings widely recognized as the Peninsula's first "Grey Nomad-Friendly Town".    View attachment(PDF, 279KB)
 41 David Garnock Recognition of the Royal Australian Navy's Close Association with Hastings upon the centenary of the commissioning of HMAS Cerberus on 1 April 2021    View attachment(PDF, 551KB)
 42 Tennis Australia Provision of ongoing support for the MPTI. First established in 2015 TA and the MPS have worked together to bring International tennis to the Peninsula. The event provides a revenue stream for the host club, the Mornington TC as well as volunteer opportunities to the community and economic impact.  $20,000  View attachment(PDF, 282KB)
 43 Cameron Brown An amendment for the removal of the Public Acquisition Overlay on the Southern Peninsula between Boneo road and Melbourne road.    No attachment
 44 Friends of Safety Beach Foreshore Submission from the Friends of Safety Beach Foreshore for supply and installation of locally sourced granite boulders to protect garden beds and new planting. $2,500  View attachment(PDF, 1MB)
 45 Red Hill Football Netball Club To construct 2 new netball courts at the Red Hill Recreation Reserve in the 2017/2108 financial year.  $550,000  View attachment(PDF, 323KB)
 46 Peter Byrne  Low cost community facilities.  $150,000  View attachment(PDF, 177KB)
 47 Mount Eliza Soccer Club Mount Eliza Soccer Club Community Capital Submission for the Maintenance and Landscaping of New Soccer Pitches for Inclusion in the 2017/2018 Budget  $30,000  View attachment(PDF, 208KB)
 48 Friends of Cape Schanck Friends of Cape Schanck made budget submissions on behalf of our local community for several years now.  These have put forward a set of initiatives that have been identified by the Cape Schanck community to improve the amenity of the area and enhance the sense of community, and hence items that we continue to submit for funding over time.   View attachment(PDF, 187KB)
 49 Rye Football Netball Club and Rye Junior Netball Club The Rye Netball Courts are part of the Rowley Reserve sporting complex located in Melbourne Road. The four courts were built in their current north south configuration more than 40 years ago. The courts are surfaced with asphalt and in poor condition. A detailed application and report is attached. $350,000  View attachment(PDF, 576KB)
 50 Community 3942 Develop a Concept Plan to address St Johns Wood Rd Blairgowrie in relation to road improvements, safety, weed removal to open up and encourage pedestrian tourist opportunities between Port Phillip Bay and Bridgewater Bay on Bass Strait  $35,000  View attachment(PDF, 13KB)
 51 Suzanne Barrington Larger Library for Somerville.    View attachment(PDF, 94KB)
 52 Rachel Singleton Mornington Main Street Makeover.   View attachment(PDF, 62KB)
 53 Anne Moyes I wish the waste services charge to be removed on boatsheds that are connected with a foreshore of management as the Shire has admitted it does not have anything to do with these foreshores so I do not see why it should be paid to these boatshed owners who also pay it on their residential rates.    No attachment
 54 Jane Clarke I request that a commitment be made to ensure that the Shire’s current level of Home and Community Care (HACC), children’s services and leisure services to our community continue at not less a level than that which currently prevails.    View attachment(PDF, 97KB)
 55 Caroline Chisholm Education Foundation The Caroline Chisholm Education Foundation is seeking a grant of $40,000.00 in the Mornington Peninsula Shires 2017/18 Budget for funding of scholarships to support local residents. Scholarships enable students to obtain a certificate level qualifications or above increasing their employability.  $40,000  View attachment(PDF, 235KB)
 56 Karen Fankhauser Review of Accessible Tourism infrastructure and experiences on the Mornington Peninsula.  $30,000  View attachment(PDF, 423KB)
 57 Bob Thornhill Mornington Shire Council rates    View attachment(PDF, 68KB)
 58 Western Port Sound Shell Committee This is a project which commenced in 1995 to construct a Soundshell on the Foreshore in Hastings . Application No 6296/96 was approved by Mornington Peninsula Shire but failed to proceed. . Interest has grown again, and I am confident community support would be forthcoming.    No attachment
 59 Gidja Walker Budget for mapping Calcareous Swale Grassland EVC and the recently epbc listed damp grasslands of the Gippsland plains    No attachment
 60 Shoreham Community Association Refurbishment of Shoreham Old School Community Hall; Drainage Plan for Shoreham Coastal Village   View attachment(PDF, 509KB)
 61 Mount Martha Retirement Village Request for implementation of differential rates for retirement villages    View attachment(PDF, 491KB)
 62 Safety Beach Foreshore Landscape Committee Inc. We wish Council to consider allocating an erosion mitigation fund of $100,000 per annum to address regular climate-driven deterioration of assets such as the Bay Trail, wind-protection fences, public toilets and other infrastructure at activity nodes where playgrounds, BBQs, tables and benches have been installed. This would fit well with the new Safety Beach Master Plan adopted by Council this year.  $100,000  View attachment(PDF, 656KB)
 63 Village Glen Retirement Village As mentioned above by paying for these services through their service fees we maintain we are saving Mornington Peninsula Shire Council money - money that in all probability is being spent to support services for the general public.  So we ask for some of these savings to be passed back to us through the introduction of Differential Rates for Retirement Villages    View attachment(PDF, 241KB)
 64 Mount Eliza Foreshore Advisory Group Mount Eliza Foreshore Advisory Group (MEFAG) highlights various issues that we seek the Shire Council to address, whether it be directly through the Shire’s budgetary processes or indirectly through departmental maintenance regimes or advocacy to State Government Departments and their Agencies.   View attachment(PDF, 3MB)
 65 Rye Community Group Alliance   The primary priority for the Rye community is the enhancement of the Rye beach foreshore through the implementation of the foreshore landscape plans dating back before 2008.   View attachment(PDF, 231KB)
 66 Residents of Peninsula Grange Retirement Village I submit on behalf of our 250 residents that the 2017/2018 Annual Budget considers the requirement imposed on Council by the Government to introduce a 25% reduction to residents of all retirement villages in the Shire.    View attachment(PDF, 78KB)
 67 Peter Williams Vegetation Improvement along the Mornington Coastline.    View attachment(PDF, 43KB)
 68 Brian L Stahl OAM JP  Historic Signs: Parks /Reserves named after people need to have information outlining the contribution those people have made to the community warranting recognition. Existing good examples can be seen at Fred Smith Reserve Hastings and Cyril Ward Park Hastings. $3-400 each sign No attachment
 69 Rye Community Group Alliance The requests relate to the implementation of elements of Rye 'plans' including the Rye Foreshore Landscape Master Plan. Funding requests also include the completion of the Rye to Blairgowrie footpath; enhancement of town character and Rye planning in general.    View attachment(PDF, 231KB)
 70 Benton Junior College Proposed carpark on Longwood Dr, Mornington. $80,000 View attachment(PDF, 600KB)
 72 Association for Building Community in Dromana Air conditioning installation at Dromana Community Hall $19,250  View attachment(PDF, 3MB)
 73 Association for Building Community in Dromana Accessible toilets at the Dromana Community Hall  $110,000  View attachment(PDF, 589KB)
 74 Association for Building Community in Dromana Scoping study for a new Dromana Pier  $50,000  View attachment(PDF, 534KB)
 75 Peninsula Aero Club Grant for a new emergency services helipad at the Tyabb Airport $120,000  View attachment(PDF, 1MB)
 76 Peninsula Community Legal Centre Request for additional funding to provide legal clinics to senior persons in the Shire  $18,000  View attachment(PDF, 196KB)
 77 Christie Coates Crib Point works - footpath upgrades, roundabout, carparking, drainage works, Woolleys beach boardwalk    View attachment(PDF, 98KB)
 78 Pam Banner Local area traffic management - South Road on the bend at the Woodvale Grove, Rosebud intersection    View attachment(PDF, 33KB)
 79 Doris and Malcolm Campbell Local area traffic management - South Road  on the bend at the Woodvale Grove, Rosebud intersection    View attachment(PDF, 297KB)


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