Infrastructure & Planning Group


Alison Leighton, Chief Operating Officer

Alison Leighton is the Chief Operating Officer at Mornington Peninsula Shire. In this role, her responsibilities include delivery of the Shire’s $35M Capital Works Program, management of the Shire’s $40M per annum long term infrastructure maintenance service contracts, oversite of the Council’s planning and building services areas and leadership of the Shire’s response to Climate Change.  Alison is a qualified engineer, an MBA graduate and a member of the IPWEA (Vic) Board. 


Buildings & Facilities

Craig Humphries, Manager Buildings & Facilities

Infrastructure Maintenance

Niall McDonagh, Executive Manager Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Project Delivery

Derek Rotter, Manager Project Delivery

Infrastructure Strategy

Davey Smith, Manager Infrastructure Strategy

Renewable Resources

Jess Wingad, Manager Climate Change, Energy and Water


Statutory Planning & Planning Scheme Amendments

David Bergin, Executive Manager Planning Services

Strategic Projects

Allan Cowley, Manager Strategic Projects

Planning Compliance

Paul Lewis, Manager Planning Compliance

Building Compliance

David Kotsiakos, Manager Statutory Building - Municipal Building Surveyor

To contact our Chief Operating Officer or any Manager from the Infrastructure & Planning Group, please email or phone: 1300 850 600.